Prise en charge et gestion des cabarets de réanimation par le département de pharmacie

Bao Thuy Nguyen




In a new approach, Ste-Justine Mother-Child Medical Centre has delegated the responsibility and management of resuscitation trays to the pharmacy department. Among the advantages related to this new process, the following elements have been noted : standardization of the medical lists of resuscitation trays, standardization of the drugs in the resuscitation trays and a computerized follow-up of the expiry dates of all the drugs that make up the trays.


The resuscitation committee at the medical centre has agreed to the standardization project of the resuscitation trays and has updated the medical list required for them . The necessary supplies for eight resuscitation trays have been bought totalling approximately $1,500.

Results and Discussion

The pharmacy department is responsible for approximately 15 resuscitation trays, covering six critical units in the medical centre. The department ensures the precision, the right quantity and the expiry date of all drugs contained in the resuscitation trays. There are approximately 14 trays being used each month and it takes about 20 minutes for the pharmacy personnel to replace the drugs, to double-check the add-ins and to note them in the appropriate records.


The delegation of the responsibility for the resuscitation trays is much appreciated by all of the medical and nursing personnel. This new approach allows the efficient and effective use of drugs in an emergency situation.

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